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  • Are all your oils edible?
    No - our edible oils are Sweet almond, Kashmir Walnut, Gurbandi Almond, Mamra Almond and Valley Apricot Oil only
  • Which oil is best for massaging my baby?
    Gurbandi Almond Oil is great for massaging soft skin such as those of infants and babies and helps in strengthening of bones and muscles.
  • Which oil is best for removal of blemishes and dark spots?
    Bitter Almond Oil. Use it daily as a nighttime routine on your blemishes and dark spots consistently for 90 days.
  • Which oil is best for my hair loss?
    Scalp Nourishment Oil
  • Do you have an anti-tan scrub?
    Yes, our apricot oil meal scrub is a great anti tan exfoliating scrub and works wonders on face and body.
  • Do you have anything for cracked heels?
    Yes - our walnut oil meal scrub is great for cracked heels followed by using Kargil Apricot Oil.
  • Are your oils cold pressed?
    Yes, 100%
  • Are your products organic?
    Yes, 100% certified.
  • Do you extract the oils on your own or buy from a manufacturer?
    We have our own manufacturing unit and extract them ourselves.
  • Which oil is best for stretch marks removal?
    Valley Apricot Oil
  • Do you have anything for hair?
    Scalp Nourishment Oil and Apricot Hair Mask
  • Do you have anything for brittle nails?
    Kargil Apricot Oil for strengthening nails and cuticles.
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